our changing world.

As everyone is aware, technology is the way forward and most things are done online. like apply for jobs, advertising, club pages, blogging  socializing through use of facebook, twitter, istagram ect but are we aware of how much information we release to strangers online who we know nothing about, what they are capable of or what their intentions are. innocently you may want to blow off some steam write afew status on facebook or create a blog to channel your creativity, or simply to be heard. for me i am used to talking to random strangers online through certain networking sites, however i was never really aware of what i was entering myself into. fortunately i was lucky i never came across many creeps and when i did i just blocked them. also i am thankful for the friendships i made and which sometimes turned into real life scenarios. i will admit i never saw any danger in meeting anyone off line once i knew them a considerable length of time and we had created a good bond. only once did i meet someone from offline who was the definition of ‘creep’ but it didnt result in any harm, just a lesson learnt.  

over the past few weeks, i have been searching for a job through newspapers, online and word of mouth. just something to generate an income so i can move out once my exams finish up. i found afew well know websites that you can look for jobs or post your own add selling yourself basically for possible employers. inocently enough i am looking to be hired for a babysitting/childminding job. as i trawled through ‘chooseme.ie’ and ‘gumtree’ i viewed ads posted my other people hoping to get hired, the usual info of about me and their contact info such as adress and number posted on their online accounts for the public to see and contact them to find out more. inocent right? in my eyes yes and a great way to find a suitable job or finf suitable employees at afew clicks of a button in the comfort of your own desk or couch. 

so i decided that i too would make an account and see what would come off it, i created an account, uploaded a picture and typed a bit about myself and informed what type job i was interested in (babysitting) and a bit about myself ie hobbies that accompanied the traits of a babysitter – patient, responsible , hard working, energectic, baker/cook ect. i uploaded and went away to study ( well truthfully, ive been reading blogs since) and i just was on phone to my bf chatting away and i received a miss call from a number i dont have in my contacts, hmm i innicently thought maybe some mother interested after reading my profile and wanted to find out more. i then shortly received a text from the same number. it read ‘saw your add on gumtree. you are very pretty. have you considered modelling.’ literally i stared at my phone for 4 minutes in horror.  i feel sick that my number has been missued from a site trying to promote job creation… i mean i am feeling like i should take down my account incase this happens again or i get worse messages or phone calls. weird is all i can say. 

but for now i guess, i will just have to be patient and see if anymore comes from this. hopefully not and these sites will not be miss used to send creepy messages. basically that is my rant and bit of advice, think carefully before you share info online even if it is for the benefit of sourcing a job. the good old fashioned, handing out cv door to door might just be the safer option! 

even remembering back, i can clearly remember a documentary on tv few months back highlighting the issues of online privacy. the example i am going to inform you about is about a lad from england used to update every part of his life onto myspace.. it was creepy even hearing the story. in short, he was a really open person and shared everything with his online world. he had thousands upon thousands of friends. he had all his personal info filled in – address, age, birthday, gender, work,school ect. inocent, we all would do that right? he would update status and upload pictures of his every move, so anyone could know where he is at any given moment in time. so this person took full advantage of how he shared his life with the online world. he knocked at his flat, and came up with a story to the flat mate, the flat mate thought he was good friends with the lad who shared everything with everyone online and left him in. eventually he arrived home to find the stranger in his bed. weir, scary and dangerous doesnt even cover it. i mean it was that easy for a random stranger to gain access to your own home without using force or violence. it just makes you double think about what you share, post or comment on the online world. 

remember , facebook, myspace, or twitter is not your diary… it has consequences if miss used. 

thank you for letting me rant and i hope this helps someone to make a wise choice in the future. be care, be safe!


wasting time

I really spend way too much of my time wastefully online… it is just so addictive. a 5 minute creep/browse turns into 3 hours of chatting, liking pictures and reading random blogs that interest me. i really need to cop one, my exams are coming so close! i better go now and start as i havnt done a tap all day and this will be my first time studying since im home. school inst much better, i skipped afew classes to chill out – stress isnt the word. but hey, tomorrow is my final day in school bar time i shall go in for an odd class or sit a pre paper. now i say bye and i might type again later and share my news of the day ie my bants and lols! 😉 keep safe ❤



Hi.. it has been awhile to put it midly. But in my defense I have an up and coming Leaving Cert in hmm 14 days time, not scary atall. So ya I decided I would write tonight. Before i did, i sprussed up my blog, added afew bits and took away the muck so yes i am happy with my blog as it stands. i did enjoy reading old posts too. 

my goal of setting up my own blog was to slightly improve my writing skills and have something too look back on as time went by. i kinda succeeded i guess… kinda! but i cannot promise i am going to be updating alot in the coming weeks. you see, i start my exams on the 6th of june and i do not finish till the 20th so it shall be 14 days, exactly 2 weeks hard work and stress ahead of me sitting these exams. currently i am finishing up school on the 23rd, grads mass and everything and schools out to ermh study… i am unsure and undecided shall i go into school or not for next week and half or will i study better at home. it is to be debated yet for an outcome, now i am not going to worry too much about it.

also on the 23rd it is a very special day not because it is my last official day in school, but however it is my boyfriends birthday on Thursday. eeekk i am so excited to celebrate it with him, our very first birthday together! it is going to be wonderful and i am very excited for our plans after my grads. i am happy that i get skip my grads night out, be lame being honest so it is all good! 

the last few days in school have been mad.. it is our finial hora and we’ll be gone for good so naturally certain candidates in my year are taking full opportunity to leave their marks and afew prank memories to laugh about in the future. the usual scenario of course! me however, is taking a back seat and i am enjoying strolling around my school and having tea and cake breaks! the life of a 6th year, but who cares, it has to be done, its our last few days for god sakes. 

i think i should sign off now, i am really tired emotionally, it has been one hell of afew days and i need awhile to rejuvenate myself back to old me again, but it will be done. i am strong.




Well, I have not wrote in a while, so I thought I better do a wee bit tonight!
I am not a great lover of Christmas, even though it is my last year properly at home I thought it would be awesome and I was gathering excitement. Sadly, my joy was smashed by an unfortunate and upsetting tragedy. My boyfriends first cousin died in a car accident during the week. It is really heart breaking, but we will get through this situation together.

I am going to the funeral with him on Thursday, I know it will be extremely upsetting but we just got to be strong and I am going to be there for him every step of the way.

Other news, santa was awfully kind to me even tho I asked for nothing, it was nice all the same!
Baby Molly,my boyfriend and my wonderful nan just make my Christmas, a festive occasion I am not found of.

Hopefully rest of the hols will turn out ok, agri science and homework to bury my mind in, regardless the show must and will go on.

Good night folks,  🙂 x


I don’t no how to explain it when someone can relate to a poem I wrote and instantly know what to do with their situation. It’s refreshing to help someone:) I think sometimes advice won’t work no matter how much you explain to someone unless it clicks inside them.
I just had that moment with a friend, I showed him 2 of my poems and he got guidance from them. I truly didn’t expect it. But it has made me so happy I could help him, even if it was even small.


Not the remedy

It’s tearing me up seeing you,
Such an emotional mess
Self- destructing
And cut up

My words fail me
Iv been threw tough too
But you can’t see past tomorrow
Not could I

But now I do
And I hope you will too
I’m uncertain with this,
Whatever will I do?

It’s not easy for me either
I love and care for you
I can’t bare seeing you like this
How can I even stop this

The pains consuming us both
Deep within me,
It effects me like you’ll never know
I get caught up in caring

You’re not just hurting yourself
It effects everyone
Present and future
When will this ever end

It’s not even the correct answer darling.